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I no longer have a fax machine, because I know a few places on the Web that do let me send a free fax when I have to. When searching for free fax the results of Google show quite a many sites but when you visit them they want credit cards to open a free trial account. The question is that “Is there a truly FREE Internet fax service?”

how to send free fax

Answer is Yes, there are a few website on Internet that allow you to send a free fax, totally and absolutely, no strings attached. Now you really don’t need to spend money on a fax machine, you also don’t have to buy any fax software, Even more better news is that you don’t need to give anyone your credit card number. One of My personal favorites is FaxZero. This site lets you send a fax to any fax machine in the United States (including Puerto Rico) or Canada for free. All you need is a computer on the Internet and a valid e-mail address. FaxZero is web-based, so you can access it with a PC and browser regardless of your operating system.

Here’s how it works…

  1. First visit and fill out the fax form.
  2. Enter your e-mail address and carefully type the Confirmation Code. (This prevents malicious users and automated bots from abusing the system.)
  3. Then type the text of your fax (for a quick text-based fax) or attach a file. (You can send plain text, PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), or an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) file.)
  4. Ready to send? Click the Send Free Fax Now button!

They will send a confirmation message to your e-mail address. Your fax will not be transmitted(actually sent) till you click the link they send you in that message.

You’ll receive an e-mail confirming that the fax was either delivered, or that it failed for some reason.

Is it Really Free Internet Faxing?

Yes, it’s absolutely really free. The service is supported by advertising on the cover page of the free faxes you send. That seems like a small “price” to pay for sending a free fax. You don’t have to buy a fax machine, fax software, fax supplies, get a fax line, or pay long distance phone charges. And typically the cover page is mostly left blank anyway. Why not fill it up with something useful?

And you needn’t be concerned about getting spammed or scammed if you use FaxZero. Here’s the FaxZero privacy policy:

We hate junk e-mail and junk faxes, and will absolutely not send any unsolicited e-mail or faxes. Users will receive e-mail messages (such as confirmation messages) as part of the process of using the service. If you subscribe to the FaxZero mailing list, we will send occasional news about the service, which may include advertisments for our marketing partners. Your name, company name, e-mail address, and fax number will appear in the “Sender Information” area of the faxes that you send. FaxZero will not share your information, nor information about the people you send faxes to, with marketers or anyone else, unless compelled to do so by court order.

Can I Send Unlimited Free Faxes?

This is where the bad news starts. No, the free service provided by FaxZero is limited to 2 faxes per day, and there’s a maximum of three pages per fax. If you need to send more than that, you will have to signup for the FaxZero Premium service at cost $1.99 per month, This means no ad or FaxZero logo on the cover page, so you may like that for business communications. The number of pages increases from 3 to 10, and there’s no 2-fax-per-day limitation.

Why can’t these people keep it all free. I think faxing should be like email…hotfax, gfax, yahoo fax etc…

Helloooo! Google, why don’t you start a fax service with google ads on it? huh! nobody listens!
Complete List of Sites That Allow You to Send Free Faxes

K7, a messaging system that will send free faxes and voicemail to your email address this is for those want simple.

FreeFAX is a free Internet fax service that relies on advertising.

TPC (which stands for The Phone Company,) is a collection of fax servers online and has existed as a volunteer collaborative effort for at least 15 years.

eFax claims that they are the largest online network on the planet with over a million subscribers in 2,500 cities and 27 countries. Also known as Zipfax., they will issue you a number according to your area code and also attaches the fax to your email address or the Internet.

UFAX let you send faxes for free for the first month.

RingCentral it is Designed for small businesses…and also lets you move your entire communications over to their service if you so desire.


NumbersUSA is quite unique in that you can use the site to e-fax Congress.

The Trick is to use combination of free fax services. that will get you through most of your faxing needs. if you do need to send more than 5 faxes in a month, consider having a premium fax service available at these free service providers… That will help them keep faxes free for all of us.