Google voice fax to email

Here’s what I did to send a fax using my land-line fax machine and Google Voice. Google Voice Fax is like faxing for the Voice over IP and it’s free. This is with my All-in-One HP Printer C7250. The All-in-One Printer has a Fax Machine built-in, plus a feeder just like a Fax Machine would.

  1. Log into the Google Voice web interface.
  2. Ensure that my fax line is registered with Google Voice as one of “my” numbers.
  3. Click the “Call” button on the web interface, enter the number of the destination fax machine, then select my fax number from the “Phone to ring” pull-down menu.
  4. Insert the desired pages in the fax machine.
  5. Click “Connect” on the web interface.
  6. Google Voice calls my fax line. I push the appropriate button on my fax machine to have it pick up the line and try sending a fax. (It’s designed to allow one to dial on a regular phone, then simply press the “start” button to send the fax whether or not one enters any numbers into the fax machine itself.) It makes it various fax machine noises.
  7. Google Voice calls the destination fax machine, a ringing tone is heard, and the destination fax machine picks up and starts making fax machine noises.
  8. The two machines connect to each other.
  9. The fax is sent and confirmation is received.
  10. Both sides disconnect normally.

Easy, simple, and doesn’t require using a land line telephone (though a land line is needed for the fax machine) to dial. Your result may vary.