Send FAX via Email or a Web Interface – Free FAX Service

If you send documents over FAX very rarely, it doesn’t make much sense to invest in a traditional fax machine – Internet based online FAX services are plenty and should be good enough for you in most cases.

Today we share a very interesting email to fax service that is absolutely free, you can send an unlimited number of faxes and best of all, the service covers most cities in the world.

Called TMC, this Internet fax service allows you write a FAX message either in a based web form or you can send an email message to a special address that contains the fax machine number of the recipient as well as the coverpage text.

For instance, if you like to congratulate Sergey Brin on his marriage with Anne Wojcicki, send an email to the following address:

remote-printer.Sergey_Brin/[email protected]

[Google fax machine number: 650-253-0001]

The cover page of the fax will say:

Please deliver this facsimile to:
Sergey Brin
Google Inc.

TMC Fax can also deliver image attachments and rich text formatted messages on the recipient’s fax machine. If the fax message delivery fails for some reason, you get a failure notification via email.

TPC FAX | Global Coverage

Even if you have a fax machine, these email to fax services remove the waiting time that it takes for your fax machine to scan and deliver the message. Rajesh says that FAX messages are not delivered immediately. They are sent at night when traffic is low.