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Total AV Review [Updated 2020]

Total AV is a powerful antivirus that has gradually grown into one of the most reliable on the market. Nowadays it uses the SAVAPI anti-malware engine that secures complete protection and delivers great results to millions of users worldwide. Let’s find out more about the program and how it protects your computer & mobile devices. We’ll also take a quick look at Total AV review in 2020.


The software is developed to work on the most widespread operating systems and platforms including Windows, Mac OS, iOS (both on iPhone and iPad), and Android. 

Security Details You Must Know

Malware protection is the biggest advantage and the strongest side of the product. As soon as you install Total AV, you’ll be secured by a combination of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and antivirus scanning. This engine will protect your personal data and files from all sorts of online threats and viruses. The SAVAPI will prevent Trojans, ransomware, and spyware from getting to your device. All in all, protection and security can be brought down to 8 main spheres:

  1. Total AV detects and removes malware, i.e. viruses, adware, etc.
  2. The antivirus removes spyware that monitors your activities and steals passwords, banking information, etc.
  3. You are sure to get web protection since the program blocks malware sites and downloads.
  4. Phishing websites will be blocked, too.
  5. Every user gets Real-Time protection. While it runs in the background, it monitors your system and blocks threats before they get to your PC or smartphone.
  6. VPN Internet Security is a useful addition to the software as it lets you surf the Internet anonymously. The encrypted connection prevents hackers from stealing your data.
  7. You may also schedule scans whenever it’s convenient for you.
  8. A password manager comes with a bundle, too. It’s very convenient to manage all your passcodes and store them in one secure place.

Independent Tests

The program was tested by AV-Test and VirusBulletin independent test labs. The latter even awarded Total AV with VB100 for detecting 100% malware in 2019. Besides, the antivirus has a built-in phishing URL blocking utility.

Features You Get

Aside from being a fast antivirus, this software delivers a few more tools and features for your complete safety online. They include:

  • A firewall,
  • Identity protection,
  • A browser manager,
  • Tune-up with optimization tools,
  • Phone support 24/7,
  • Live chat support.

The bundle brings you other helpful features like a VPN, ID protection, a password manager, etc. Your smartphones will also get a tool to clear up wasted memory by duplicates, burst photos, etc.

Customer Support

While it was already mentioned that there is a 24/7 phone and live chat support, it’s still worth discussing. The level of services has grown from very good to great as it’s now very accessible and efficient. You can easily solve any issues or get answers to all kinds of questions from technical issues to billing problems.

Another peculiarity worth knowing is that you may upgrade to Priority Support. In this case, your tickets will be reviewed and resolved right away.

Value for the Money

The best thing about Total AV antivirus is that you can get a free version. While it’s limited, it delivers quite a lot. If you are ready to upgrade, you’ll be pleased with a very affordable price tag. It starts at $20 but you should be very attentive and read all the terms. All in all, it’s a good value for the money you pay. If you are not sure, try the free version and make a decision based on your experience.