data security

Three Reasons You Need a Data Protection Platform to Address Data Security and Compliance Challenges

As security breaches continue to occur with alarming regularity and data protection requirements become more stringent, data protection needs to be extended to more environments, systems, applications, processes, and users. Check three reasons why you need a data protection platform to address data security and compliance challenges in the article below. Which Are Three Reasons […]

virtual data room

Virtual data room iDeals for managing business documents and protects them from threats

The main subject of this research and one of the major competitors in the worldwide VDR market is iDeals. We examine the functions of this VDR software and its effectiveness in fundraising, organizational restructuring, due diligence, M&A, and private equity. Briefly stated, we’re determining whether iDeals VDR is a good fit for you. Safety With […]

How To Manage Accounting Data In A Large Scale Business Enterprise?

The automation of accounting and the implementation of various information systems today is the most important task of any enterprise or institution. In this article, we will analyze the best software solution to manage accounting data in a large-scale company. The purpose of managing accounting data The management process is characterized by the need to […]

How Boardroom Software Gives You More Control Over Your Business?

Boardroom software gives you more control over your business as it is a one-stop shop for all cloud resources, budget control, user management, and billing. Why Is It Important to Use Boardroom Software for your Business? At the heart of the work of the boardroom, software should be based on clear rules, which are described […]

Sending Faxes for Free Using Google Voice

I’ve been a user of Google Voice for nearly two years now. This service has literally changed the way I use my phone. I was lucky enough to get an invite just after Google acquired GrandCentral and have used it ever since. It especially came in handy when moving from North Carolina to Tennessee, as […]

Google voice fax to email

Here’s what I did to send a fax using my land-line fax machine and Google Voice. Google Voice Fax is like faxing for the Voice over IP and it’s free. This is with my All-in-One HP Printer C7250. The All-in-One Printer has a Fax Machine built-in, plus a feeder just like a Fax Machine would. […]

Four major holes in Google Voice

I like Google Voice, I really do. But now that the search giant has thrown open the gates to make Google Voice free for anyone in the U.S., many more people will get the opportunity to pick and praise. After all, it was Google’s multipronged voice service for forwarding phone numbers, sending free text messages, […]

Google fax to email

TPC Fax is a free service that lets you send text faxes by email. It doesn’t have a huge international coverage, but it works for most big cities. To send a fax, you need to drop a mail to: [email protected] For details about the syntax, go to this page Adrian Hristov, who sent me this […]

How To Send A Fax From Google Apps

It was going to be a fairly normal evening. I was reading about the Pareto Distribution and the Long Tail when I decided to check my RSS feeds for anything new and interesting. And guess what….I saw something new and very interesting. There was an article on the GoogleEnterprise blog about Google Apps Script. I […]

Google fax number

I don’t have a fax machine. In fact, I only have access to one if I choose to go to a local FedEx or UPS store and pay for service. I was thinking, Google offers so many services that business users need, why not an electronic faxing service?For the record, I probably only send perhaps […]