Google fax free

I no longer have a fax machine, because I know a few places on the Web that do let me send a free fax when I have to. When searching for free fax the results of Google show quite a many sites but when you visit them they want credit cards to open a free […]

Free fax to email google

I’m working with a company that’s overseas and they want to send me some contracts via fax. Problem is, I don’t have a facsimile machine and going to somewhere like Kinko’s and paying to receive their fax seems a bit daft. Are there free fax services on the Web, or at least cheap fax services […]

Fax with google voice

Here’s what I did to send a fax using my land-line fax machine and Google Voice. Google Voice Fax is like faxing for the Voice over IP and it’s free. This is with my All-in-One HP Printer C7250. The All-in-One Printer has a Fax Machine built-in, plus a feeder just like a Fax Machine would. […]

Unofficial news and tips about Google

TPC Fax is a free service that lets you send text faxes by email. It doesn’t have a huge international coverage, but it works for most big cities. To send a fax, you need to drop a mail to: [email protected] For details about the syntax, go to this page Adrian Hristov, who sent me this […]

How Can I Receive Fax In My Email, Online?

We’ve spoken about some free fax services and paid online fax services, using which you can send fax to various locations. Here’s how you can receive faxes if you are on the move. These two services will help you receive faxes right into email Inbox. Packetel Online Fax Service : Using Packetel online fax service […]

Send FAX via Email or a Web Interface – Free FAX Service

If you send documents over FAX very rarely, it doesn’t make much sense to invest in a traditional fax machine – Internet based online FAX services are plenty and should be good enough for you in most cases. Today we share a very interesting email to fax service that is absolutely free, you can send […]