virtual data room

Virtual data room iDeals for managing business documents and protects them from threats

The main subject of this research and one of the major competitors in the worldwide VDR market is iDeals. We examine the functions of this VDR software and its effectiveness in fundraising, organizational restructuring, due diligence, M&A, and private equity. Briefly stated, we’re determining whether iDeals VDR is a good fit for you.


With a set of secure solution that have been successfully implemented, iDeals has earned the right to be considered the leading data room supplier for safe document sharing. Security is an essential component of the framework that makes up VDRs.

With the use of iDeals’ Fence View function, hackers can’t use your device’s camera to access your data. Similarly, you may permit or restrict access to your files for other readers using the remote shredding option. With this function, you may give your papers mobile watermarks or restrict access to them even after they have been downloaded.

Simple and Comprehensive Interface

Some VDRs are so complex that using them might be tough and demanding. The VDR offered by iDeal is the complete opposite; it has an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t require you to download Java plugins in order to view your documents.

First off, the platform supports a wide range of languages, making it simple for you to access and operate VDRs in any of these languages.

Additionally, the program supports single sign-on, which does away with the requirement for several usernames and passwords to access various files and documents. The user interface gives the finest viewing experience on all platforms and is fully designed to fit the list of customer requirements.

Document Processing

iDeals also excels in the field of document management. For speedy uploading of your documents to the system, use the drag-and-drop interface in the computer room. You are entirely unrestricted in how many documents you may upload to the data room. Customers may upload several documents simultaneously or in bulk, and the procedure is quick and simple.

Additionally, you won’t need to spend any more time than absolutely necessary creating your papers thanks to automated numbering and indexing, compatibility for over 25 different file formats, and more.

Questions and Answers

The iDeals software’s Q&A function, which enables members to construct a list of the most commonly Q&A and make it accessible to users at any time, is one of its most impressive features. This list may be prepared in advance and loaded with all pertinent information about your offer.

You may follow the progress of the question and aid administrators in making better use of their time by updating the question manually or automatically. In-depth Q&A reports are also produced by iDeals’ VDR, and they may be saved for upcoming legal needs.

User Management

For more secure management of your data, the virtual data room iDeals has four predefined roles that you may assign to your users. Depending on your choices, iDeals allows you to send one, or many users invites so that you may greet users one at a time or all at once.

You may also decide who has access to data rooms, Q&A sections, and how frequently users are alerted of new postings.


For tracking your campaigns, real-time reporting is crucial, and iDeals VDR software shines in this area.

You can manage internal compliance by having access to audit trails that can trace every data room activity with iDeals VDR software.

You may keep tabs on each user’s activities. On iDeals, you can keep track of every paper you’ve seen, printed, or downloaded. In addition, you can tell how long someone has been studying a paper.